How Can Snapchat Help Your Brand?

Not sure if you should ignore the Snapchat phenom or jump on the bandwagon? The latest statistics estimate the hot social media app is gaining 10 million users per month, so the easy answer is—it’s time to jump on board. The hard question is, how? Although the popular photo messaging app allows you to share photos, record videos, text and drawings, the “messages” also disappear within a few seconds. So how does Snapchat help brands spread their messages? With so many new ways to reach … [Read more...]

What’s New With Snapchat?

There's been a lot of buzz today about the new features coming out for Snapchat. For those of you who don't know, Snapchat is an app that allows you to send videos and images to your contact list. So what makes this different from regular text messaging? The image or video self destructs after a set amount of time. And whenever the receiver of your image chooses to take a screenshot, Snapchat lets you know. So What's New? Snapchat is targeting a larger audience in an attempt to reach more … [Read more...]