Turning Executives Into Superheroes: Your Marketing Team Has one Job!

Superhero ExecutiveDid you know that your marketing team has one job, and one job only?

A lot of executives and people who have hired an outside marketing team, are often surprised by the answer to this question. 

And no, the answer isn’t to generate more leads or make more sales. The answer is this: to make YOU look like a superhero.
Your marketing team should be using marketing to make execs look good. And I mean really good. Like save the world good. 
If your marketing team isn’t doing just this, then you have a problem.

Your Marketing Team As Your Sidekick:

Think about it like this: the marketing team is the Robin to your Batman, or whatever other sidekick you prefer to be called (and honestly I can’t think of any others). But that is the point. Sidekicks are not that important, because the superhero always gets the attention and praise for saving the day. And even though the superhero may try to be modest, saying his sidekick was the real hero, no one ever believes him.

That’s how it should be with your marketing team. It’s the sidekick’s job to use marketing to make executives succeed in their endeavors. The marketing team should be turning executives into superheroes, just like a mask can make a Bruce Wayne into Batman, Peter Parker into Spiderman, or Matt Murdock into Daredevil, your marketing company should be the magical mask that makes you the executive superhero. 

The fact is, a good marketing team isn’t in it for their own glory. Instead they should be focused on their job: making you the hero, not them.

What This Means:

So you think your marketing team has a more important job than making you look like the hero? I doubt it. They should use marketing to make the exec team look good at all times, never wavering from this very important task. 

Marketing and sales are so interconnected, yet they are not always the unified front that they should be. So while your sales team can report on sales, it can often be difficult to figure out what your marketing company has to do with that. But that’s the whole point. Your marketing company should have an obvious impact on your company’s sales. They should be able to show you reporting that attest to the fact that what they have done goes to your bottom line. It shouldn’t be a struggle for you to see results from your marketing team.

Your marketing team should be your creative side working to provide you with that new and fresh perspective on your business, and solving the problems that are innevitably going to come your company’s way. They should be harnessing the power of new SEO or content marketing trends and keeping up with the latest updates to the marketing world. Because, while you are ultimately the superhero, sometimes you just don’t have the time to do everything.


The final question to ask yourself, is this: Is YOUR marketing team making you look like the superhero you deserve to be? If the answer to this is no, then you may need to find yourself a brand new mask.