Staying Positive on Social Media

“If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Wasn’t that one of the first good manners rules you were taught as a child? The same could be said for branding on social media, and the good news is your customers may agree. According to a Q1 2014 study by Converseon, 55 percent of customer interactions with leading brands on Twitter were positive and 25 percent neutral. Facebook and Google+ also fared well with most of their interactions positive or neutral. Lucky thing … [Read more...]

Increase Your Productivity with Google Docs

Finding new ways to simplify the every day office work that needs to be done is a constant processes for companies. Whether your an old or a new company, there is always room for improvement and for new ways to better increase productivity in the office. Some tools may end up being more useful than others, and some may seem super exciting and fade into oblivion within a few weeks. But there is one tool we use in our office that would be a hard one to find a replacement for: Google … [Read more...]

What Facebook’s Move to Direct Response Means for Your Business

Early this year, Facebook announced improved ways for direct response marketers to reach customers on their mobile devices and desktop computers. Facebook promised businesses easier ways to deliver targeted messages to people who have visited their websites or mobile apps, and explained how certain News Feed ads will feature enhanced call-to-action buttons. To make users happy though, Facebook recently announced a way to opt out of seeing the targeted ads or the ability to choose which ads they … [Read more...]

How to Solve Business Listing Duplicates

With the upgrade Google has been making in its Business Listings, your company may be receiving an email from Google to inform you that you have a conflict with your business listing. Resolving these issues quickly and effectively is important to ensuring your customers are able to find the correct information about your company on Google. What Are the Conflicts? There are 4 potential conflicts you may run into: 1. Multiple unknown verified accounts - The update no longer supports multiple … [Read more...]