Determining ROI: Are promoted tweets worth the cost?

Many small businesses have long enjoyed Twitter’s free ability to connect with customers. Now a Nielsen study shows that promoted tweets can bring social media marketing to the next level with increased engagement, brand lift and message association. But if you’re on a limited marketing budget the big question to answer is whether stretching your reach is worth stretching your dollars. What are Promoted Tweets? According to Twitter promoted tweets are just your everyday tweets bought with … [Read more...]

Twitter As a News Source: How It Shapes Business Marketing

Social media is a very powerful tool for spreading information. It can have a role in every aspects of a person life, if one lets it. And companies struggle to truly generate information through social media that is worthy of sharing and spreading: something newsworthy. Twitter is exceptionally well suited for spreading news. But for many businesses Twitter is uncharted territory and can be hard to understand. Defining Terms Jack Dorsey, one of the co-founders of Twitter, explains in an … [Read more...]

How To Use #Hashtag Marketing for Your Business

As social media continues to be a driving force in customer relationships and even contributes to your companies overall sales, it is important to learn to use it correctly and effectively to gain the largest audience possible and to make the most of your valuable time that is dedicated to this marketing platform. If you have decided that Twitter is the social media platform your business should focus on, then it is time to understand how to use the hashtag. This is one of the most important … [Read more...]

How To Choose a Social Media Platform For Your Business

Reaching the right social media audience is vital to your online marketing campaign, but when you look at all the choices, making a decision on which social media platform to use can be overwhelming. Not only are these platforms very different, and require extremely varied techniques, but they are often very time and resource consuming which can be a problem for a small business. But social media really does matter, and while it may feel like social media isn’t for your business, … [Read more...]

Twitter’s Analytics is Now Accessible to Everyone

Twitter has finally made analytics available to everyone! In June a few select users were given access, but now anyone who want to see their analytics can. This means that no matter who holds a Twitter account (a business, individual, or character like Voldemort, Don Draper, or Grumpy Cat) can now see a variety of wonderful data based on their tweets and followers in Twitter's analytics. The layout of this new analytics tool is highly user friendly and simply requires you login to your … [Read more...]

Staying Positive on Social Media

“If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Wasn’t that one of the first good manners rules you were taught as a child? The same could be said for branding on social media, and the good news is your customers may agree. According to a Q1 2014 study by Converseon, 55 percent of customer interactions with leading brands on Twitter were positive and 25 percent neutral. Facebook and Google+ also fared well with most of their interactions positive or neutral. Lucky thing … [Read more...]

New Twitter Profiles: Too Much Like Facebook?

Twitter has announced that starting May 28th all of it's users will be forced to begin using the new Twitter profile update. The new Twitter profile was used by several big celebrity names before average users began making the switch on April 22, if they choose to. The new look has gotten a lot of hate because of its close resemblance to the current Facebook profile. Tweeter's Hate Facebooking The trouble with Twitter reflecting Facebook’s layout is that most Twitter users have migrated away … [Read more...]