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Voice search is becoming a more popular way for mobile users to find the things that they need. As more mobile users reach out to services like Siri or Alexa, businesses and marketers need to adapt to serve the needs of their audience. Voice search represents a fundamental change in the way that people find the people, places, and things that they want. Accordingly, the marketing and advertising content that you create needs to adopt a more conversational tone, particularly making effective use READ MORE --->

When it comes to content creation, we can learn a lot from comic books. The structure of the storytelling, the way different types of content work together (both text and images), and the conflict/resolution style of storytelling are all examples of things that comic books and marketing content have in common. READ MORE --->

Have you ever made a phone call to a business that began with a pleasant recorded voice telling you that "this call may be recorded?" Whether you're a seasoned search engine optimization (SEO) veteran or just getting started, you've probably encountered call tracking technology more times than you can count. READ MORE --->