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JPMorgan Data Hack

What Small Businesses Can Learn From JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s Hack Attack

Earlier today, it was reported that Russian hackers attacked JPMorgan Chase & Co. in mid-August. Gigabytes of data were reportedly stolen by using "zero day" attacks (meaning vulnerabilities that were previously unknown). Many news sources are … More ->


Targeting the Hispanic Market

This year, Latinos will surpass whites as the largest racial/ethnic group in California. According to the last U.S. Census stats, the Latino share of the U.S. population, currently at 17 percent, is expected to reach 31 percent by 2060. Although the … More ->


Facebook’s Save Feature

While most everyone has been talking about Facebook's forced download of Facebook Messenger on mobile devices, Facebook has also been working on some other new features to improve their usability and create some positive publicity. The new save … More ->


Staying Positive on Social Media

“If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Wasn’t that one of the first good manners rules you were taught as a child? The same could be said for branding on social media, and the good news is your customers may … More ->