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Acquiring new multi-family properties is an exciting time for your business. Whether it is simply one new location, or several, your company's growth requires careful negotiation and planning in order to gain the best return on your investment. READ MORE --->

When you’re setting up call tracking for the first time, knowing how to tell what’s working and what’s not is the cornerstone for success. Without knowing what call metrics to pay attention to, you might as well not track calls at all because you’ll have no data on the dials that are coming in. READ MORE --->

Generating demand for your business's products or services is an essential function of your marketing and sales departments. While demand generation often gets confused, and even overlaps, with lead generation, it is more focused on building brand awareness and driving interest than generating leads. In the long run, the hope is to generate potential prospects and customers, but demand generation is a bit broader and more comprehensive than lead gen.  READ MORE --->